A few weeks ago, I was asked to photograph the children-books writer Annika Hjerpe for a magazine interview. While talking on the phone with her to book a day for the shoot, she asked me where I came from, as she noticed my accent. ”Oh, I’m from Brazil, from a city in the southern part of the country”, I said. ”Oh, really???”, Annika replied, sounding extremely happy. I couldn’t understand why, but a few seconds later she said: ”My grandma was born in Brazil!”

Only that fact was already super interesting and woke millions of questions in my mind, but I just didn’t know that the best part of her story was yet to come:”She also came from a city in the south: Curitiba. Have you ever been there?” I had to control my hysterical laughter, as she was speaking of my hometown! Her own Swedish grandmother, born in Curitiba, in the beginning of the 1900’s! I don’t know if it was another weird coincidence or just a seredipity, but Annika was almost like the brunette version of my own mother. Already on the phone and by mail, we talked and talked and talked. Annikas grandma’s life story would make a great adventure book!

You can already tell that the ”short” interview became an hour-long and I even got to know Annika’s daughter and granddaughter. Of course that I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of this beautiful famliy. Annika also felt very inspired by our Essencevitae project and kindly donated her children book, Därför är Sofia Glad, that’s about about a little sick girl that found her cure after all her suffering, to the children we are photographing. She has even written a book inspired by me: ”Mamma i trotsåldern”……hihihihihi………

So, Annika, welcome aboard! We are very happy to have such a talented writer and a bright soul in our boat!

Johanna & cystisk fibros

When Johanna heard I would be photographing for the Essencevitae Project in Dalarna, she emailed me and asked me if I thought I could find a few minutes to photograph her. And then she told me her story.

Johanna is a warrior, a fighter, and has been fighting her lung disease for many years. I thought nothing could inspire me more than her beautiful words in her blog. And when we met, the love I found in her family of two, inspired me even more. I’ll leave you with a magnificent poem I found in her blog.

Johanna, I’m so happy you’ve contacted me and that I got to meet you both. You will be always in my heart!

Det har gått en tid
sedan jag satt i gräset
på randen av min värld, och höll i
min penna för att meditera, för att
skriva poesi: till solen, till träden
till det som skapade dem alla

Vad går jag miste om
när jag stannar i denna dånande, stilla tystnad
fördröjningen av min egna poetiska undran?
Å hur mycket fägring det finns
runt mig, om jag bara
väljer att se.

Tekla, sneak preview

Oh, what a wonderful day I’ve had today! It all started with a beautiful sunrise at six in the morning and then amazing sunshine the whole day. Not only from the sun itself, but also from three wonderful families I photographed for the Essencevitae Project. The train ride to Dalarna went as smoothly as I could wish for, and I was met by Hasse Kroghs welcoming smile at the Hedemora station. Hasse took the day off  and spent it driving me around to the different families I was going to photograph. Thank you Hasse, from the bottom of my heart, for taking part of your precious family time to help us out. I had the honor of photographing Hasses family  for our project last year. Read about their shoot here.

Every time I meet these wonderful parents, I get more convinced that love is the absolute best medicine there is in the world. These people are not just outstanding parents, they literally cover their kids with so much love, respect, peace and harmony, that the kids’ smiles are contagious!

Thank you all for letting me share a part of your lives today. I’ll leave you with pictures taken in the first 15 minutes of our visit to Tekla’s family. Much more to come from their 300 great shots, and  more about my first family of the day to come tomorrow!

Tekla & CP-skadan

Finally the full post of Teklas wonderful pictures. As my friend Hasse said: she is sunshine in a jar! ;-) And once more I want to thank Teklas out-of-this-world family. My job was just holding the camera. I wouldn’t have been able to capture all this love if it hadn’t been there.

Zebbe & Duchennes muskeldystrofi

Jag har tidigare berättat om “The essencevitae project” som jag är mycket stolt över att vara en del av. Förra helgen så kom jag att fotografera min första familj. Det var Zebbes mamma Mia som hört av sig till oss och frågat om vi inte kunde komma hem till dem och fotografera hennes son Zebbe och hans syskon. Zebbe har drabbats av Duchennes muskeldystrofi, en dödlig muskelsjukdom som sakta bryter ner musklerna.  Zebbe är en riktigt glad och sprallig kille och det var underbart att få se honom busa med sina syskon som vilken sexåring som helst. På Mias blogg kan ni läsa om hennes tankar och funderingar kring Zebbe och livet. Tack Mia med familj för att jag fick komma och ta del av ert liv!!