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The luxury brand "Louis Vuitton" is a French international player with a wide range of products. In 1854, the brand began with the production and distribution of high-quality travel bags and suitcases. Since then, handbags, shoes, watches, jewelry, clothing have been added. Until 1946, "Louis Vuitton" also had exclusive perfumes in its program, but then abandoned in favor of other areas.

In the new millennium, the luxury brand wanted to return to a unique collection of fragrances. Under the direction of top perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, several women's fragrances were created, while designer Marc Newson created the new bottles. In the fall of 2016, a total of seven women's fragrances were added to the brand's portfolio. Just under two years later, five high-quality men's fragrances were added. In keeping with the "Louis Vuitton" philosophy, the fragrances are offered exclusively in the in-house Louis Vuitton boutiques and a few select high-end department stores.

Because the brand deliberately focuses on quality, the flacons are deliberately kept simple and without playful details. Only the colors of the bottles (100 ml) vary depending on the fragrance and aroma. For example, the bottle of "On the Beach'' (yuzu, thyme, clove, rosemary) has a reddish-orange hue, while "Afternoon Swim" (citrus, tangerine) with its bluish bottle is strongly reminiscent of the ocean. The yellowish bottle of "Sun Song'' (orange blossom, musk, citrus) is modeled on the sun's rays, and the deep green "Cactus Garden'' (mate leaves, lemongrass, bergamot) refers to forests and meadows.

For a lasting enjoyment of the fragrances, "Louis Vuitton" also offers its aromas in smaller flacons (4 x 7.5 ml) and atomizers.
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