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Atlantic Ambergris II 2021

22.02.2024 - 06:24 PM
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The forgotten Coke bottle on the chalk cliffs at Cape Arkona and the mineral power of the tides!

Hello everyone,

today at this late hour I would like to write something about Atlantic Ambergris II, because in my opinion it really deserves soooo much more attention.

Before I get to the fragrance, something different and rather personal, any of you who like/love and appreciate the indy niche world - the utmost respect from me - honest and the creativity .... partly WOW, but this direction is not for me, the spiciness, oudiness + the musk are 99% too strong for me. The only wearable option for me in everyday life (except in summer) is the Atlantic Ambergris II !

About the fragrance:

For me, it reflects exactly what I wrote above = spot on.

You notice the spicy cola, the green - woody direction of the pine which is almost balsamic (love that) and you notice the power of the water and there we have the absolute star the mineral amber (-gris) which gives the fragrance an incredible DEPTH and perfection. In the heart and base notes, we see many, many notes and there are probably many more... for me, these are purely marginal notes.

It becomes a little more pleasant and softer in the drydown, but if it is fully wearable even for me ;) then it probably will be for you too.

I really like it and for me it "almost" scratches the title of masterpiece....

Even my wife, who likes it much less than I do - likes it very much and I can only say openly and honestly that one day (sooner or later) I will grab a leftover bottle of it.

Give it a chance, because it deserves it!

A tip from me: test it on your skin and NOT on the fragrance strip or judge it by the spray head. It really works its magic on the skin and I was really stunned by the massive difference!

If I really wasn't convinced, I wouldn't recommend it to you!

And now have a nice day/evening, or whatever you are reading this review, LG the Benny
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