Apogée by Louis Vuitton
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According to EssenceVitae Research Team Apogée is a perfume by Louis Vuitton for women and was released in 2016. Furthermore The scent is floral-green. It is being marketed by LVMH.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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The face of the advertising campaign is French actress Léa Seydoux.


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A spring awakening after successful desensitisation against pollen...
I am aware of the danger of making myself unpopular with die-hard LV disciples now, but: NO RISK, NO FUN ;-)

I had managed (after what felt like an hour of artificial waiting in front of an LV boutique) to penetrate into the interior of the temple of leather goods (YAAAAA, a lot of LV is not made of LEATHER, I KNOW!) Quite hectic hustle and bustle, reminded more of a market hall ;-)

My goal was the since 2016 relaunched fragrance range of LV. Nicely presented, I must say.
Uncharacteristic for me was that I only tested 2 fragrances:
Dans le Peau and Apogée.

Under the skin ;-) went me BOTH NOT.

Apogée started off flowery. Flowery. Autre chose? Unfortunately, NO. Flowers, and magnolias try to steal the show from lilies of the valley. Aha, aaall clear.
Still quickly something on the wrist, maybe something changes?
After about 1h wandered my nose once again towards the left wrist, and began to look :/
Where did the Fleurop messenger put the bouquet then, he was just there?!
Mentally, the first thing that came to my mind was: And for that 225€?

I end my comment times so: Each dried flower bouquet smells better, and longer ;-)
Possibly I am not a flower person?
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Designing in His Sleep
Below is the draft review I first wrote about Apogée. I saved it for a few days, asking myself whether I was being overly enthusiastic or if this perfume was really that good? Conclusion? All the 2016 Louis Vuittons are that good. It's just a matter of taste re the starring notes. All sit on a fabulous leathery base, designed no doubt to imply luggage, of the high quslity kind. This morning I put a bit of this perfume on the back of my hand. All over again I'm swooning, so here's the review.
Apogée is evidence of a perfumer in command of his craft. I imagine Cavallier-Belletrud thinking,"I know, I'll make a Lily-of-the-valley solifore so good that women who hate LOV will swoon over it."

It's the kind of thing only those working at their peak can do, because they've studied endlessly and practiced until they can perform the rudiments blindfolded, or in their sleep, or while falling off a log. Just for fun, just for the joy of flexing his perfumery muscles, for the thrill of creating something new and glorious, he set out to accomplish it. To me this is a masterpiece among masterpieces, so stunning in its achievement that I had to take my LOV perfumery notes kit vial out to smell the raw product again. Yes, LOV is a chimera -- a flower in rotting garbage. No garbage here in Apogée. Perhaps only if you're always initially skeptical of LOV like I am, will you detect the skill he brought to this perfume.

I think Apogée is an attempt at a masterwork, blindfolded, one hand tied behind his back. He succeeded, too. No doubt in his sleep.


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ShemsmellerShemsmeller 12 months ago
Lv disaster,similaire au jour se lève,on a l impression qu il y a eu aucun travail en 2 ans.300€ pour ça?a joke a disgrace a robbery
DopeweaselDopeweasel 2 years ago
It's a real battle of the Titans between this and diors lucky. Top of the top. Loved it


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