I-I Terralba 2013

I-I Terralba by Masque
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According to EssenceVitae Research Team I-I Terralba is a perfume by Masque for women and men and was released in 2013. Furthermore The scent is spicy-green. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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The fragrance is part of the "Opera" collection.


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A Mediterranean coastal excursion
After last year's holidays in Sardinia, where I fell in love with Ginepro Nero from L'Herbolario, but only marginally, I had to get an Italian-influenced summer scent for this year. Dry as a bone, I want it without sweetness, without bells and whistles, without fruit. Like my wine, my summer scent is said to be 19.

In the forum the fragrance was discussed, so I went to Zurich to a great perfumery and Terralba was found.

In Sardinia, my daughter was dying to see wild horses. So we drove to the Giara di Gesturi, a plateau between countless volcanic craters. An extraterrestrial landscape, dry, hot, macchia and low mixed forest characterize the landscape. Mastic, wild thyme, olive trees, cork oaks, sage, mint, immortelle, cistus. At 36c and scorching sun, these macchia plants give off wonderful aromas, which fly omnipresent in various intensities into the nose.

And that's how Terralba smells. Wild, herbaceous, resinous, sandy, earthy. A fresh start with sour intense lemon, the full load of thyme, curry leaf and sage. Later warm wood is added and gnarled old sticky trees from which the white resin drips.

It's just so authentic, unbelievable. The scent remains very pleasant, intense herbs and citric in the beginning, after 30min the scent becomes more resinous and the curry leaf is added. I see parallel with Durgas Cowboy Grass on herbs, but the thyme was too stinging for me. At Terralba everything is fine knitted, round, a beautiful overall picture.

The scent is brilliant in the heat, so authentic, I almost see the horses before my eyes again.

Durability is a minus point, we have there after 4h transmission break. Actually a killer argument to me, but I don't care here. Spray again, cool, enjoy.

Absolute recommendation to test, who looks for a different summer scent, without fruit drowning and Calone, Terralba is sometimes something different.

And now I'm going to water my herb garden, sit in the garden chair and maybe I'll treat myself to a splash of Terralba. To summer!


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NicheOnlyNicheOnly 9 months ago
Opens citrusy-woody & tad spicy. Up-close there's a bitter bodyodor vibe (poor hedione blend). Performance is abysmal. Masc, spring-summer.


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