Oud Minérale 2017

23.02.2024 - 07:04 PM
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The definitive revival of a little legend!

Hello everyone,

i know that I haven't been giving this brand much credit lately, and if you're honest with yourself, it's justified - performance, value and especially the price. There is no relation to each other that could explain this + the fragrances "after" Lost Cherry Eau de Parfum were well, let's call it modest... another topic I digress!

I've known the Oud Minérale for a few years and also the "revived" second version and here the last/ and current one, which is what I'm talking about. I know all the variants and also their weaknesses.


YES, but more on that in a moment. In itself, it is a maritime - mineral fragrance with a slightly green note, which gives the mental impression that there are a few fir trees right next to the dune. Today, the oud present has been significantly reduced. Back then, it wasn't an "in your face" oud, but it was very noticeable.

Now to the weak point I was referring to. Back then, it seemed damp, earthy, wet and musty, and the presence of oud put many people off. I suspect that's why the sales figures were manageable and it was discontinued...

Today it is MEGA GOOD for a designer. It still has rough edges and that's just WOW in the designer sector. Thanks for that TF, finally some really good work.


Good to good+

When and where to use:

Except for summer/midsummer (except very discreetly) I see it almost all the time!

That's why and buy if necessary ;).

If I really wasn't convinced, I wouldn't recommend it to you!
And now have a nice day/evening, or whatever you read this review, LG the Benny
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