Secrets d'Essences - Tendre Jasmin 2008

Secrets d'Essences - Tendre Jasmin by Yves Rocher
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According to EssenceVitae Research Team Secrets d'Essences - Tendre Jasmin is a perfume by Yves Rocher for women and was released in 2008. Furthermore The scent is floral-fresh. It was last marketed by Groupe Rocher.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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It's way too cold!
That's probably what "1000" of Jean Patou thought today and went on a fragrance strike.
Already in the morning I wondered about the reserved nature, but was of the opinion that this evening and night active white bloomer did not like the time of day. After all, these classics are quite peculiar.
So I sprayed after and walked out of the house.
On the way I noticed that I didn't exist; not a bit of scent surrounded me!
Am I even there? Panic!
Such a thing must not be; it had to be changed immediately.

So I stormed back into the Yves Rocher shop, where I had bought before.
For the amusement of the owner I asked for a jasmine scent for the way home. She knows me and my extraordinary nature, so she was not very surprised and brought the tester "Secrets d'Essences - Tendre Jasmin".
Sprayed, sniffed: Hooray! I smelled it again!
What the empty and virgin mini atomizer did in my handbag, the cuckoo knows.
He had shown up looking for a handkerchief and was now allowed to get out.
There was nobody but me in the shop, so I was allowed to take a few drops with me. I enjoyed them for the rest of the day and there's still a bit left.

Here I met a jasmine scent suitable for everyday use which, despite its fresh nuances, does not deny its own white-flowered aroma.
It lacks the often almost sensory numbing, intoxicating heaviness, which often impairs the handling of this white beauty.
The classic citrus fruits mandarin, orange and lemon, together with a nice dose of jasmine, open this fragrance composition: full-bodied refreshing, it already spread lightness and real joy.
The tenderness of the orange blossom harmonises perfectly with the fully blossomed jasmine, which complements the existing cheerful, slightly dancing entrée as the heart.
Small flowered climbing jasmine (Jasmine-Sambak) and the always enchanting astringency of the mimosa form a vibrating final chord.
Jasmine embraces here with a particularly graceful tenderness.
In spite of the unmistakable sensual jasmine aroma, the impression of a summery scent intermezzo is created, which is a really likeable "Immergeher".

"Tendre Jasmin" has a sufficient shelf life for a flower fragrance.
I don't meet any powerful scent journeymen here, but rather a cheerful flower elf, who stayed for a long time in the sun-drenched citrus grove and here and there naschte a little of the fruits.
So it was worth it that "1000" went on a cold strike: the fragrant "emergency solution" seems less frosty, though less elegant and noble.
But that's really no flaw, rather a nice change.

Yves Rocher once again offers a fragrance creation that can be worn almost around the clock and which is certainly a pleasant companion even in summer: the citrus freshness guarantees that.

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Sticky Jasmine
Yves Rocher is a funny company. They seem always to be offering me free bottles of perfume. I recently was sent (again--I already received one in the past!) a free bottle of TENDRE JASMIN, and nearly simultaneously an offer for yet another one in their latest mailing. These offers are somewhat unbelievable. They involve placing an order for anything (even a $3 sale-priced shower gel), paying the shipping fee ($4.95), and the full-sized 50 ml perfume, listed now at an MSRP of $69, is yours as a gift. Huh?

Before having read the article "Behind the Spritz" (in Daily Finance), in which the true perfume ingredient cost of a $100 MSRP bottle of perfume is revealed to be all of $2, I'd have thought that Yves Rocher had gone mad. Now it seems that their fantastic free offers serve merely to confirm the reality: perfume is not all that expensive to produce.

Of course, we all knew this to be true about the chemical soup pumped out of vats and sold at the drugstore. But Yves Rocher's claim to fame is as a purveyor of botanical (natural) fragrances and cosmetics. So can it really be true? On the box of TENDRE JASMIN, the key ingredients are summarized thus:

Jasmine grandiflorum absolute, Sambac jasmine absolute, essential oils of lemon, mandarin, orange, mimosa absolute and orange blossom.

I do believe that these ingredients are present in TENDRE JASMIN. However, there is also a sticky base which reminds me of mainstream perfume houses such as Britney Spears. It is not so horrible as to ruin the beauty of the natural jasmine, but it does diminish it, at least to my nose.

My distinct impression is that Jacques Cavallier was tasked with producing a jasmine perfume which would appeal to the masses: mainstream perfume users who are accustomed to the sort of sticky base found in all sorts of popular fragrances: Juicy Couture (all except PEACE LOVE & JUICY), Badgley Mischka (all three), Britney Spears (all), the list goes on and on. When people are used to wearing that sort of base, then they come to expect it in a perfume, and it is indeed present in JASMIN TENDRE, which ends up being more of a fruity-floral than a jasmine soliflore as a result.

Still, I do find this to be a vast improvement over the legion of pseudo-jasmine fragrances on the market today (Jennifer Aniston's perfume is an example). TENDRE JASMIN really does contain jasmine, as advertised, but it is shrouded somewhat by its sticky base.


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