Secrets d'Essences - Accord Chic 2016

Secrets d'Essences - Accord Chic by Yves Rocher
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According to EssenceVitae Research Team Secrets d'Essences - Accord Chic is a perfume by Yves Rocher for women and was released in 2016. Furthermore The scent is spicy-resinous. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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fine spicy-smoky = suitable for everyday use and noble!
I got to know the Yves Rocher fragrances of the "first hour" at the beginning of the eighties. I've reported about it here before.
What came then did not please me so much; but now and then there is a special piece of jewellery.

So I was very pleasantly surprised when I met "Secrets d'Essences - Accord Chic".
A particularly dear perfumista had sent me a bottling that I had actually only chosen because of the local fragrance pyramid.
That it is a creation of Yves Rocher, I noticed only with the capture for my collection.
So of course I was doubly curious about what to expect.

I met a fragrance full of quiet beauty: here is nothing with "Sparkling" or "Molto Vivace"!
On the contrary: "Secrets d'Essences - Accord Chic" develops full of harmony and quiet elegance.
The spice of elemi resin and benzoin, which I like so much, I find here in a cleverly balanced dosage. Both are very well coordinated here and form a very nice fragrance opening.
Pink pepper, more and more perceived by me as slightly fruity than peppery, takes the "stinky" iris (Meggi": I don't use "stinky" with lily of the valley - that's what I promised you!) by the hand and both join the previous course of fragrance without much disturbance.
A very noble mixture is formed, but it seems to be heading towards a goal.
Frankincense, also this time not from the deep dark, tart variety, but rather light-aromatic, leads this fragrance composition successfully to the climax!

The result is a wonderfully rounded fragrance without any upheavals - very harmoniously flowing and finely spicy enveloping.
This smoky wort is so cleverly balanced that it produces an extremely wearable daily fragrance.
Nothing is loud, nothing disturbs! "Secrets d'Essences - Accord Chic" adapts easily to all situations.
But that doesn't mean that this fragrance is boring or even colorless!
It has the certain understatement that a real lady is - the way "Little Moritz" imagines her to be!

Yves Rocher has achieved something very beautiful with this fragrance; something that surprises me and lets me look full of hope for a new direction in perfume development there.
So I can only say "thumbs up" on "Secrets d'Essences - Accord Chic"

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My Perfect Iris
I am so enamored by this scent. It stole my heart from the very first moment I sampled it, so I went online and ordered two bottles straight away.

This is unlike any iris scent I've ever smelled before in that it's not at all too sweet, for one, and this scent is also a little different to your usual run-of-the-mill iris scent because it contains zero noticeable rose or violet notes - as far as I can tell.

I have never smelled NU by YSL, though it's been in my wish list for an eternity, I have still not procured a bottle from the great, stinky cosmos. Therefore I cannot make any comparisons with that, but if that smells half as good as this, or if this smells half as good as that, it really can't be half bad. So I'll keep dreaming of owning that, while in the meantime remaining happy enough that I have this.

This is green.
It's almost transparent.
It's at once a thick, translucent, indolic, heady floral and at the same time mellow, light and green, almost invisible to the naked nose.

The only thing like this that I have ever smelled is a staple in my facial cleansing routine - Ultrabland by LUSH, which also contains iris.

My best friend smelled "red berries" here, and it came as a shock to me that the official paper writeup about this made mention of berries while I could find no other indication of said berries mentioned anywhere on the Yves Rocher site, nor in the notes here!

This is natural smelling. 100%.
This is the real deal for me.
It makes me foam at the mouth.

Lasting power is impressive and projection is a warm, fuzzy, intimate caress.


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