Absolutely Dark by Zara

Absolutely Dark 2023

12.02.2024 - 09:05 AM
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Can someone explain the naming to me...! / A house I will never like, but the scent is great for beginners!

Hello everyone,

as I have already written above,

firstly - can someone explain the naming of the fragrances to me?
And I'm not just talking about one = rather several/many... well, but that's not the point!
And secondly - we're talking about a clone house here. I find it uncreative and a shame that a house (whether Zara, DUA, Armaf and co.) only uses their potential to produce the best possible good clones on a synthetic basis for as little money as possible and thus take the success of the original product with them/jump on the bandwagon.

I find that kind of thing boring and well... you can guess!


There are also 2 camps of people and for those (!!!) I see the house as very good. On the one hand there are those who are quite new to it, quasi beginners and I can recommend these fragrances to them and on the other hand there are people who are very reluctant to spend a lot of money on fragrances and that is also perfectly ok - why not ?!!

This Absolutely Dark goes VERY much in the direction of the Percival (current version), which means we are talking about a fresh - citric - aquatic fragrance with the twist to a woody - creamy - slightly spicy and subtly sweet fragrance
From the H/S we are at a good!

How is it received?

Like the Percival, very good!
In terms of price, it's a 10 out of 10 (no excuses),
BUT there is just this certain amount of
Synthetic and that is due to the price and should
not surprise you = or calculate that in!
And now have a nice day/evening, or whatever you read this review, LG the Benny